Apple Cider Vinegar and You

Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar, also known as ACV, is one of the best kept secrets to ever come from an apple. With built in health benefits, this apple elixir will be sure to address a number of concerns you may have.

Essentially, apple cider vinegar is fermented apples. Here at Snake River Orchard, the entire process is done by hand right on site. Crafting this vinegar takes about 2-3 months to reach exact acidity. As with anything good (and good for you), it takes time.

Lets talk health.

One of the key elements of raw ACV is something called “The Mother.” Now you might be thinking, “what in the sci-fi character could that be?!” Just as a mother provides nutrients for her baby, “The Mother” in ACV is a combination of yeast and good bacteria that forms during the fermentation process. This is what gives our raw unfiltered ACV that cloudy appearance. With fermentation comes natural probiotics, which help with gut health and wellness.

Some other ways that raw ACV can give you a health boost are:

  • Regulate digestion
  • Cut down on bloat
  • Cancel heartburn
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Suppress appetite
  • Drop your blood sugar levels

While apple cider vinegar isn’t a cure all, it has been shown to improve your overall well being. If you prefer to drink it, be sure to dilute around 1-2 TBSP of ACV with water.

Lets talk beauty.

Who would’ve thought that vinegar belonged in a beauty routine?! You can achieve a gorgeous shiny & detangled mane by doing an ACV rinse in the shower, derail dandruff, and also lock in moisture. If applying to your skin to ease a sunburn or target acne, dilute it with water first. Don’t worry about smelling like a distillery, the scent will decrease once dried.

Lets talk clean.

You may have known that vinegar does wonders for cleaning. But did you know apple cider vinegar actually kills bacteria? While spraying your countertops, you can also spray your fruits and vegetables to clean off any icky pesticides (you don’t have to worry about those with our apples though!)

So go ahead and try incorporating apple cider vinegar into your health, beauty, and cleaning routines!


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